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C Media Player supports full YouTube features. Thus you can play all kind of YouTube playlist or videos without any problem. Or you can change YouTube settings from the settings page if you wish.

Customizable List
Extremely fast and customizable player list

Remembering Media Tracks
C Media Player remembers your sound and subtitle choice when you play later.

Chapter Support
You can use Chapter support which is at media files readily.

Keyboard Customization
You can assign keyboard shortcuts as you like.

Logging Support
You can save your activities thanks to logging file.

OSD Support
It works perfectly with “on screen displays” on your system.

Online Subtitle Support
You can choose video subtitles without striving.

Sound Tracks
You can choose many sound track support (multiple language, multiple subtitle, etc.) for media files.

External and Embedded Subtitle
You can choose files inside and outside of media files.
Customizable Subtitle
You can customize subtitle settings (font, color, size, etc.).

Video Rotation
You can rotate incorrectly shot media files easily.

Playing Features
Playing shot by shot, fore-aft adjustment.

Hardware Acceleration
Nvidia Cuvid, Intel QuickSync, D3D11VA choices.

You can resume your media files on.

Aspect Ratio
You can set media files which aspect ratio portion you desire.

Video Quality Feature
You can choose the best quality by yourself.

Multiple Language
Thanks to multiple language support, you can use C Media Player whichever language you desire.

Playing from Web
Playing URL addresses (http, https, rtsp, rtmp, etc.)

Playing List
You can use C Media Player conveniently by making a player list from your videos.

File Types
You can play almost all file types easily.

Low Consumption
It shows high performance with minimum processor and ram usages.

Automatic Update
As long as you connect Internet, you will be notified about up-to-date versions.

Playing Speed Control
You can player your media files at any speed as you want.

Customizable Theme
Colors and customizations features as your desire.

Customizable Setting
You can organize all settings as you please.

User Friendly Interface
It has an easily usable interface.

x86 and x64 Support
It obtains you the best performance for your operating system.