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Hello dear C Media Player users, hello everyone again!

After a long time we are happy to be with you again 🙂 As the C Media Player DevTeam we have gone through a long and difficult process. We continued our work at full speed. As a result, we are proud to present C Media Player with many infrastructure changes and improvements! We care about what we do, we take care to help our users and improve our application to a better position upon the questions and requests from you, thank you to all our users who have supported us!

Without more ado, what have we done, what has changed, what has been developed and what will we do? Let’s take a look at these together 😉

Redesigned C Media Player engine

We have been working on C Media Player engine for a long time. Especially with the lastest updates, we reached the desired result. C Media Player engine now completely cross platform. This means that; The C Media Player engine will work independently from the platform. So there is no obstacle to improve C Media Player for other platforms (Android, IOS, Linux, etc.)! We have already started working for the Android platform and some of the tests we have done have been positive. However, it is not possible to say a specific date for the moment.

Better user experience

With the lastest updates, fixed major issues that prevents deadlock or user experience. More file support added to the playlist and interface is now responding faster. Drag&drop is now faster and more sensible. For example, if you are watching a movie when you drag and drop any subtitle file, it’s added to the movie you are watching. That is, adding subtitle extensions (you can change it from settings) to the media instead of trying to play the subtitle file. In addition, with the v.1.8.0 update we added file extensions to exclude file extensions you do not want to prevent you from adding to the playlist. For example, when you enter and save “text,txt,jpg,jpeg,bmp,png,gif,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx” value, you will see that C Media Player will not add the specified file extensions to the playlist in any way. This is a very useful feature for the folder(s) that contains too many files.

A quick view of exclude extension list feature

Exclude extension list

Other important features we have added with the lastest updates are as follows; C Media Player’s action after playback (next file playback in the folder, computer shutdown, …), stream program support, zoom feature, video effects and a lot of new features! In the future, we will continue to introduce these features.

Improved YouTube experience!

The video hosting site YouTube which we all use frequently in our daily life is among the indispensables. It would be such a lack to add this support. First we added YouTube support with v., unfortunately there were some shortcomings and could not play the videos that contain copyright. You can now use the new YouTube settings and more YouTube service support in later updates. For example, with the v.1.8.0 you can watch live streams with YouTube live stream support. And with the YouTube playlist option developed, you can now take more than 200 videos at once. In the meantime, let’s answer the following question because we have done a video download on YouTube to a user’s feedback, but we need to design a download manager so that we can present it and now we have suspended it for a while.

Preview of YouTube feature!

YouTube playlist feature

For example, the URL address we use in the above picture: Sample YouTube playlist . You can play this URL address by using CTRL+V  shortcut or from the Open network stream dialog under the media menu. Enjoy well!

4K? Not a problem at all!

We know you can’t make sense of the title. Because with the lastest updates we work rigorously on the hardware acceleration decoding feature now works as smoothly as we want! This feature first appeared with v., unfortunately could not meet our demands. While fixing all these issues, we did not forget to add automatic and d3d11va options. This feature is enabled and automatic by default by C Media Player. This means that; C Media Player trys to use the best optimized option for hardware acceleration decoding feature, so you do not have to worry about watching high-definition video or movies. What if our hardware does not support this feature? No problem! C Media Player will automatically use normal media decoder and the user side will not be damaged in any way 🙂 So C Media Player is smart to use this feature. In short, we recommend that you leave this feature automatically. You can sit back and enjoy this feature 😉

Hardware acceleration decoding

Hardware acceleration decoding settings

Improved online subtitle support

Improved online subtitle support is now much better! We provide a better user experience with the new subtitle providers (turkcealtyazi ve subscene) we’ve added. With the v.1.9.15, we also redesigned online subtitle settings. By default, Opensubtitles is enabled. You can also enable other subtitle providers (currently available for subtitle providers: OpenSubtitles, podnapisi, SubDB, subscene ve turkcealtyazi). Currenlty, upload feature is only supported for OpenSubtitles and SubDB. Which has a lot of customizations, we plan to mention this feature in our next blog posts.

Online subtitles

Online subtitle dialog

Redesigned debugging window

The log file what was saved to a specific location in previous versions is now shown on a window by default. Users who wish can save this log to the file. Or it can specify the level of debugging. However, debugging window must be open for this feature to be available. So you can give us feedback by seeing in detail what is happening in the background.

Debugging window

Debugging window

And many more innovations and fixes...

There are many innovations and fixes we did not mention in our blog post. For example, playback speed control, new playlist formats added, subtitle positioning,  improved command line support etc… Instead of talking about all these features one by one, we intend to include them in our next blog posts. In short, we want you to know that we have taken your feedback as far as we can and we worked rigorously. We almost did what we wanted. However, we still have deficiencies and we believe that we will close them with your support in the feature. Finally, let’s briefly talk about what we will be working on in the future;

  • Android support
  • Preview of seeking on seekbar
  • New improved audio options
  • New settings
  • New customizable settings
  • Download file manager (Needed for tools like Subtitle download, YouTube video download, we aim to gather them all together)
  • Innovations with localization.
  • Recording support
  • Smarter solutions with C Media Player
  • Customizable interface
  • and the many features we do not write here...


At the end, we would like to thank all of our users for their support and feedback. As C Media Player Developer Team will always work for the better. But let us not forget, not only our work, with your support we can move our application to a better position. Our only request is to share our application to reach more users. We thank everyone in advance. Hope to see you in the next blog post…

Feel free to write us if you have an opinion or question 🙂

C Media Player DevTeam



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