C Media Player - Professional Media Player

C Media Player

Professional Media Player

Why C Media Player?

C Media Player is a professional media player which is a product of a rigorous work. It’s extremely safe, fast and easy to use. After a long work and a test period we are proud to present you C Media Player!

Which version of C Media Player should I prefer?

C Media Player has two different version. The first one of which is for home users and the second is C Media Player Consumer Edition corporate version. The version of home users is free of charge all around the world and anybody can use it by demand. As for the corporate version, it attributes companies for which is demanded a particular price.

Why C Media Player Consumer Edition?

C Media Player Consumer Edition pertains with companies that bases on encryption algorithm for playing media files(video, audio, subtitle) developed by C Media Player Development Team. In this way it prevents prepared media files being stolen or copied illegally. In addition to this, C Media Player Consumer Edition much more security precautions. So if you want to prepare and sell diverse media files but also have reservations as well, C Media Player Consumer Edition is just suitable choice for you!

Speed, Security and Easy Use All in One!

C Media Player equipped with the latest technologies. Many optimization techniques were used while the C Media Player developing. In addition to this, security is kept on the front plan and the easy-to-use interface is developed for end users. If you get together, for me the speed, security and ease of use all mean that C Media Player is for you!

Stay always up to date!

As C Media Player, we will publish software updates on specific periods to stay up to date. This way you can have new features, performance improvements or bug fixes.

Supported Platforms?

C Media Player first of all is supported for Microsoft Windows(Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) operating system. Afterwards the works for other platforms (Android, IOS, Windows Phone etc.) will begin and will be announced when ready.

What are the Highlight Features?

  • It’s extremely fast, reliable and easy; Do not worry about performance or security problems because C Media Player is completely a product of rigorous work!
  • No requirements; C Media Player doesn’t require anything(.NET, etc.), just click and run.
  • Being able to play almost all media in different formats; you don’t need to install any software to play a media file. Lean back and enjoy it!
  • Native YouTube support; you can play YouTube videos or playlists with C Media Player!
  • Support for online subtitles; Subtitling ends with online subtitle support! Search, download or upload online subtitles.
  • Skype integration; Replace Skype’s mood message with the media you are playing!
  • Playback speed control; Play media files faster or slower with playback speed control!
  • Advanced settings; Customize the desired setting with advanced settings.
  • Hardware based decoding; play your ultra HD videos or movies without any problem!
  • Automatic subtitle search; C Media Player will automatically find subtitles for your movies. If you wish, you can customize these options. Or you can create your own filter!
  • Remember last selected tracks; do not worry which tracks you picked! Because C Media Player will automatically remember which tracks you last selected for media files!
  • Popular playlist file format support; It supports popular playlist file formats(.xpsf, .m3u, .m3u8, .pls). You also can use its own file format(.cmpl).
  • Software updating support; you control updatings either manually or automatically and stay always up-to-date!
  • Play network streams; C Media Player does further more than just playing media files, if you want you can play network based URL addresses.
  • Entire Unicode support; in this way you don’t need to worry about character problems!
  • Keyboard shortcut customizing options; C Media Player offers you keyboard shortcut options that you can change according to your personal wishes.
  • Continue where you left off; has suddenly emerged a job to do? But your mind still is at the movie or video you were watching, right? never mind! just switch off the movie or video and when returned back you just go on where it left off!
  • x86 and x64 version support; select any version you like and install.
  • Multilingual support; for now only Turkish and English languages are supported but in further versions more language support will be added.
  • Extended playlist support; select whichever you like and play or copy titles and search them on the web!
  • Extended subtitle support; add or omit subtitle files in any format you like or change subtitle features!
  • Subtitle encoding automatic detection; in whichever language they are C Media Player automatically detects the page of subtitle file codes so your joy watching movie doesn’t turn into a nightmare!
  • Extended command line support; through command lines control all without open C Media Player!
  • Modern user interface; C Media Player has a design that can adapt with the modern era!
  • Customizable user interface; choose the color you like and color your life!
  • Multimedia track support; you can open or close any track you like. Beside this C Media Player has also multimedia track support.
  • Extended clipboard options; copy titles to the clipboard or if you like clear off the clipboard.
  • Extended visualizations for audio files; while playing audio files choose any visualization or close.
  • Extended media options; forward-backward media files, replay, step to next frame or random play!
  • Snapshot feature; while watching movie or video, specialize the moments and take photo at any time you like!
  • Automatical screen rotating feature; does your screen sometime seem reverse? Don’t worry because C Media Player will adjust it for you automatically or if you like, you can rotate the screen at any proportion you like.
  • Shortcuts for comfortable usage; with your keyboard conduct C Media Player more comfortably.
  • Scale quality options; you can select any scale quality you like and tune.
  • Logger mode; C Media Player includes developed extended logger mode so that record errors and by making you can contribute to its development.
  • External subtitle files loading support; C Media Player supports loading subtitle files externally. So you can watch your movies or videos by loading subtitle files externally.
  • Recent file list; C Media Player adds automatically the files recently-opened to the list. So you can play any video you like by choosing it from the list.
  • Feedback support; as the C Media Player Development Team we appreciate your opinions.
  • Open multiple files, scan folders and do further more with C Media Player!

C Media Player Overview