21 Jun 2017

The new update v. for C Media Player

Hello dear C Media Player users, we have been super busy with the new update v.  Today we are really happy to announce the new update! With the new update you will have many cool features, improvements and fixes. Let’s take a look together:

Support for Online Subtitles

Support for online subtitles which was a major deficiency in previous versions, finally took its place in this release. With this feature, you can search, download or upload any subtitle for a movie you are watching. C Media Player also has ability to search and download subtitles automatically. You also can change the online subtitle settings as you wish. For example, if you only want to find Turkish and English subtitle languages, simply enter and save “tr,en” (2 or 3 digit country codes) in the “Preferred subtitle languages” box in the “Other” setting window. Thus, subtitles in languages you do not want will not be found. If you also want to search for subtitles automatically in background, enable and save the “Automatically search and download if local subtitles are not available” option. At the moment only applies to opensubtitles.org, popnapisi.net and thesubdb.net subtitle providers. If you have any username for opensubtitles.org, select opensubtitles.org in the list of providers from the “Other” setting window, and then apply after entering the username and password information. Thus C Media Player will remember your user information and will do searching and downloading over your user name. In this way you can upload a subtitle file via your user name. Finally, you can specify where C Media Player will save the downloaded subtitle files (This value deafults to “Subs”).

Redesigned New Setting Windows

A major problem with previous versions is that there is a separate window for each setting is gone. With the redesigned setting windows, you can access the setting you want on one single page. You can also easily switch between the tabs with the shortcut “CTRL+Tab”. Of course, the old shortcut keys (such as “CTRL+P” or “CTRL+F”) are still valid. For example, if you use the “CTRL+F” hotkey, you will see the direct subtitle settings tab. In addition to all these, we have also added some new settings. You can now specify the stream index for video, audio or subtitle, or you can disable these settings. Also available in the options you can customize the background and text color for the redesigned tooltip windows. New looking, new settings and it’s as easy as ever! Here is a screenshot of the new setting windows:

Improved New Logging

Unfortunately, the logging feature available in previous versions did not have some customizations. For example, There were no options sucs as change the location of the log file, determine the logging level. We worked with this version with a better, customizable and faster logging feature. Is this logging feature really important? Actually no, but if you look at it, yes, it’s really important for us to detect errors and to produce solutions in a shorter time. You can now change the default log file location as you desired. We also added logging level feature within this release. By setting the logging level, you will probably feel like a developer 🙂 . Let’s take a closer look at these features:

  • Quiet: With this option, C Media Player will not do any logging. (Except for special cases)
  • Fatal: With this option, C Media Player will only record important error messages.
  • Error: This option is selected by default and standart error messages will be recorded.
  • Warning: Only warning messages will be recorded.
  • Info: Messages for information purposes only (eg when video, audio or subtitle decoding) will be recorded.
  • Verbose: This option will record detailed messages.
  • Debug: Debugging messages will be recorded with this option, which many developers experience from time to time in crisis 🙂

As mentioned above, the default option is “Error” and it is not recommended to change this setting. Otherwise, you might see too many messages in the log file. Finally, we made significant performance improvements to logging.

Skype Integration

With Skype integration, you can especially update your listening music as a mood message. We would like to mention only that this option is disabled by default. To enable this feature, simply activate and save the “Enable changing to Skype’s mood message with currently playing media” option in the “Other” setting window. You will then see a notification on the Skype application as follows:

You can enable this feature by clicking on the “Allow access” button. Otherwise, the mood message will not be changed with the currently playing media. This notification applies not only to C Media Player but also to other applications.

OSD (On Screen Displays) Window

OSD (On Screen Displays) window which was a major shortcoming in previous versions came with this version. So what’s this OSD? OSD is the display of important information messages on the screen. For example, decrease or increase volume level, seeking backward or forward in a media, switching on and off shuffle mode, and so on you will see a window at the top of the display screen. This window is for informational purposes only and can be very useful especially when full-screen mode is active. For example, you can use the “I” shortcut on the keyboard to find the current time when watching a movie. (This value does not apply if you upgraded from previous versions. You can assign a shortcut yourself or reset it to default settings.) We would like to mention only that we do not want to display too many information messages because this might sometimes annoy the user. (For example, we did not add the info messages for play, pause, etc. operations) However, if you are uncomfortable with this window, you can disable this feature from the “Other” setting window. Finally, you can set the font, size or thickness of the font for this window. However, you need to restart the application for those operations.

Playback Speed Control

We may want to play media files that we play from time to time faster or slower. With this version we’ve heard you and finally added this feature. In fact, we were planning to add this feature in previous versions, but there were some problems and we solved those problems. With this feature, you will have options of 0.25x (4 times slower), 0.50 (2 times slower), 1.0x (normal speed), 2.0x (2 times faster) and 4.0x (4 times faster). You can switch between these options by using the “Speed” item under the “Playback” menu, or by using keyboard shortcuts “=”, “+”, “-“. (If you upgraded from the previous version, these keyboard shorcuts will not be valid. You can assign it yourself or reset it to default values.) Note that the 2.0x or 4.0x options require more CPU usage.

Accurate Seeking

In previous versions, when playing some media files, it was unavailable to seek for the desired location when an in-media seek was performed. For example you want to skip is 00:10:00, but it’s like skipping 00:09:55. This was especially true in files with wmv extensions. We’ve worked extensively on this situtation and added the accurate seeking feature, which is enabled by default. If you experience any problems, you can disable the “Enable accurate seeking” option in the “General” setting window. This will base your seek on previous versions.

Improved Slider Bar

With this version we made some improvements on the slider bar. For example, if any media you are playing contains chapters, you will see some small circles on the slider bar. So you can easily see which time zone or where the chapters are. Here is the screenshot of this feature:

Improved Media Information Window

With the improved media information window you can have more information. You can now view separate metadata information for media, video, audio and subtitle. Here is a screenshot of this newly designed media information window:

Added Other New Features

We have not neglected to add some new features as mentioned above. For example, you can save a list of recently opened files that you see missing in previous versions to any playlist. You can also choose “Always on top” under the “Video” menu if you want to keep the app window always on top. Finally, we’ve added some new options for taking snapshot. For example, you can specify a prefix (default value “cmp_snap-“) for photos, or you can save your photos at the position you specify with sequential numbering (00001.png, 00002.png etc.).

Improved Saving & Loading the App settings for Multiple Instance

In this version, we particularly care to save & load settings for multiple instances, one of the most important improvements we want to focus on. Because the settings for multiple instances in previous versions could not be saved properly, this could lead to some problems. This mechanism has been completely redesigned. You can now use multiple instances with peace of mind.

Other Improvements and Fixes

In addition to all the features mentioned above, we’ve made a number of performance improvements and fixes in this release. For example, there were some problems with the XSPF parser mechanism, we fixed all of them and made significant performance improvements. Some problems we discovered in full-screen mode have been resolved in this release. We’ve made improvements to video processing, subtitle decoding and rendering. In short, we worked very hard to bring C Media Player to a better position. You can find all the new features, improvements and fixes on our release notes:

Release notes pagehttp://cmediaplayer.com/en/products/c-media-player/release-notes/

At the end

At the end, we thank you very much to anyone who has supported us! You can support us subscribing our YouTube channel. You can also have the lastest news by following us on Facebook. We’re planning to upload new videos soon to our YouTube channel.

Official Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/cmediaplayer/

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If you have any question or opinion, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Thank you for being part of our user base and community!

C Media Player Development Team


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