21 Apr 2017

The next major update v. for C Media Player

The next major update v.

Hello dear C Media Player users, we have been busy with the next major update v. This update brings many new features, improvements and fixes and we are really so happy to announce the next major update! Let’s take a look new features and improvements in this update:

Hardware based decoding:

In this version, we finally have added hardware based decoding feature. So what’s hardware based decoding? Hardware based decoding,  the decoding of media files based on GPU rather than CPU. So you can play your high definition media files without any problem. Of course, you need a supported graphic card to use this feature. For better performance, make sure your graphic card’s driver is up to date. You can find out more information at the manufacturer’s web site of your graphic card. For example, an ultra hd media file (Frame rate:60fps, resolution: 3840×2160) we cannot play with v. that we can play it with v. without any problem when hardware based feature is enabled: (We have used “Intel QuickSync” option for this. Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz 2.40GHz, Graphic: Intel HD 4400 and AMD Radeon R7 M260)

More info:




Shell Explorer support:

Opening multi files is much easier with only one instance which is a big problem in previous versions! What you need to, right click on any media files or folders and select the “Open with C Media Player” menu item. C Media Player will automatically add all the files or folders you selected to the playlist quickly!

New supported codecs:

Some new codecs have been added with this version. For example, You can open Adobe Photoshop PSD extension files with C Media Player anymore. Beside this we also have added including ScreenPressor, FM Screen Capture Codec, ClearVideo, XPM, NewTek SpeedHQ, QDMC audio and Apple Pixlet codecs support.

New interface and buttons:

In v. and earlier there were some problems related to window layout. we have worked hard on them. Now the application window responds much faster and responds effectively. For example, we fixed the problem that menu bar does not properly locate itself at the startup of the application in previous versions. C Media Player is now much faster! You will love C Media Player more with the updated buttons and colors:

Automatic subtitle search options:

In previous versions, C Media Player will automatically searched and found subtitles in the root directory and subs folders. However, there were no options to disable or customize. New features make it possible to customize all of these. It is possible to specify a filter for the search subtitle extensions. For example, if you want to search subtitle files with srt and idx extensions, simply enter “srt,idx” in the filter box and save it. (This value defaults to “srt,ass,ssa,idx,sub”.) Or you can change folders for the subtitles to be searched. In previous versions, C Media Player was also searching in the root directory automatically. By default, this value is changed to “.\Subtitles,.\Subs” in the new version. But if you still want to search at the root directories, you can simply add “.\.” value. Search options at the end:

  • No search: C Media Player will not search any subtitles.
  • Any subtitle file: C Media Player will automatically add any subtitle file it finds.
  • Smart search: If you are undecided between the options and you want C Media Player to do all of these features automatically, you can choose this option. This option is the default choice. With this option, C Media Player will perform fully automatic detection operations. So C Media Player will not add the subtitle file it does not fit.
  • Exact match: C Media Player will automatically add subtitle files that match exatcly the name of the media file you are playing.

Added other new features:

In addition to the new features mentioned above, this version includes many more new features. For example, in previous versions it was not possible to repeat the whole playlist. We realized this and added a new repetition mode. In addition, the ability to take snapshot is enhanced and added to take the current frame of the media file. You also can take a snapshot of the application window. You can simply use (CTRL + G) and (CTRL + H) shortcuts. These two shortcuts may be disabled if you have updated from an earlier version. So you can go to the shortcuts menu and fix or change it as you like. It was also coming with the ability to remember last selected tracks with “Continue playback where it left off” in previous versions. We have corrected this as two options. At the end, the new option we want to talk about is global hotkeys, with this feature you can enable global hotkeys(play/pause, next, previous, stop) or disable them if you wish.

Improvements and fixes:

With this version we focus on a lot of improvements and fixes. All annoying issues you have in previous have been fixed. We also made many performance improvements. C Media Player is much faster and safer!

  • Fixed problems with fullscreen mode not working properly in some situations. In addition, many improvements were made.
  • A lot of improvements have been made for the application window layout. Earlier versions had some problems in the application window. For example, the menu bar was not properly positioned in some cases at the startup of the application. We fixed this issue. The problem that the control bar can not resize properly has also been fixed. We also made many performance improvements on the buttons.
  •  Command line is now better! The command lines did not work properly in some cases in advance. We fixed this problem.
  • We also have improved detecting of the codepage of subtitle files!
  • The decoding of media files is now better!
  • Detecting of errors and exceptions is now more powerful!
  • In addititon to these, some crash and memory problems have been fixed in this version.

At the end…

In addition to all these features and innovations, C Media Player includes many performance improvements. To have all of these features, you can update C Media Player to the lastest version by checking for updates manually or using our web site. It is highly recommended that you install this update!

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If you have any question or opinion, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Thank you for being part of our user base and community!

C Media Player Development Team


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